Ch #1: I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game

I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game

Chapter 1: The Frustrated Fencer and the Fabled Dojo

Exhausted and sweaty, I slumped against the training dummy, my wooden practice sword clattering to the floor. Another frustrating hour in Aethel, the immersive VRMMORPG, had done little to improve my swordsmanship. My character, Kai, dreamt of becoming a master swordsman, but reality kept delivering a harsh wake-up call.

My attacks were clumsy, my footwork sluggish. Every duel with even the most basic AI enemies ended in a flurry of blocked blows and panicked dodges. Discouragement gnawed at me. Was I just not cut out for this? A frustrated sigh escaped my lips.

Just then, a whisper drifted through the in-game wind, barely audible. “Struggling, are we?”

I whirled around, searching for the source. A small, dilapidated dojo stood tucked away in a forgotten corner of the training ground, nestled beneath the shade of a towering oak. Faded paint peeled from its wooden walls, and a crooked sign hung precariously above the entrance. In barely decipherable lettering, it read, “Master Zan’s School of the Unorthodox Blade.”

Intrigued, I approached the dojo. A lone figure sat meditating on the porch, his back to me. He wore a mismatched set of armour, a dented helm resting on the floor beside him. Curiosity piqued, and I cleared my throat.

“Excuse me?”

The figure chuckled, a dry rasping sound. “Lost, are you young one? Or perhaps, seeking something more…interesting?” He turned, revealing a wizened face crisscrossed with wrinkles and a pair of twinkling blue eyes that shone with an almost manic energy. This was Master Zan, I presumed.

Master Zan’s unorthodox appearance matched the dojo’s ramshackle vibe. He launched into a rapid-fire explanation, his voice filled with infectious enthusiasm.

“Traditional training is for fools!” he declared, gesturing wildly with his hand. “Footwork like clockwork, swings by the numbers? Predictable! My methods, however, are the key to unlocking true swordsmanship!”

Hesitantly, I explained my struggles. Master Zan cackled, a booming sound that echoed through the training ground.

“Perfect! You’ve come to the right place then. Master Zan’s School of the Unorthodox Blade will forge you into a whirlwind of steel, a disruption of unconventional techniques!”

Something about his fervour was strangely compelling. Maybe it was the desperation in my heart, but I agreed to a trial lesson.

Thus began my journey under the tutelage of the “crazy” swordmaster.

Stay tuned at Tech Vizmo for the next chapter, where we delve deeper into Master Zan’s training regime and witness the first steps on Kai’s path to becoming a master swordsman – the crazy way!

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